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Assistant Professor of Finance

Hong Kong Baptist University

Email: siboliu (at) hkbu (dot) edu (dot) hk

Working Papers   SSRN

Publications   Link

Data and Programs

Geo-coded Chinese Bank Branches, 1948-2016

A Minimalist Backtesting Program for Event-driven Strategies


Hong Kong Baptist University

(1) Fintech, Postgraduate Selective

(2) Financial Technology for Banking and Finance, Undergraduate Selective

Lingnan University

(3) The Economics of the Digital Economy, Undergraduate Selective

(4) Introduction to Statistics and Econometrics, Undergraduate Core

(5) Financial Economics, Undergraduate Selective

(6) Financial Econometrics, Postgraduate Core

(7) Quantitative Methods for Finance and Economics, Postgraduate Core

(8) Postgraduate Seminars Statistical analysis in Social Sciences, PhD Core

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