Assistant Professor of Finance

Hong Kong Baptist University

Email: siboliu (at) hkbu (dot) edu (dot) hk

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Working Papers

The Information Content of Government Financial Disclosure

with Zhiwei Chen and Angie Wang

CEO Relative Age and Corporate Risk-Taking

with Junru Guo, Jia He, and Yonglin Wang

Does Auditing Shape Global Value Chains? Evidence from PCAOB Inspections

with Nancy Su and Kevin Zhu

Deconstructing Democracy with Authoritarian Imprints: Evidence from Chinese Diaspora on Twitter

with Shouzhi Xia and Dong Zhang

Public Sector Unions and Government Financing

with Qian He and Lai Wei

Charity Begins at Home: Domestic Political Economy of Chinese Foreign Aid

with Dong Zhang

The Salience of Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Online Business

with Yi Huang, Chen Lin, and Gustavo Manso

Trade Networks and Firm Value: Evidence from the US-China Trade War

with Yi Huang, Chen Lin, and Heiwai Tang



De-politicization and Corporate Transformation: Evidence from China

with Denial Berkowitz and Chen Lin

The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization (2021)

Minimum Wage and Corporate Investment: Evidence from Manufacturing Firms in China

with Heng Geng, Yi Huang, and Chen Lin

Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (2021)

Shareholder Litigation and Corporate Innovation

with Chen Lin and Gustavo Manso

Management Science (2021)

Litigation Risk and Voluntary Disclosure: Evidence from Legal Changes

with Joel Houston, Chen Lin, and Lai Wei

The Accounting Review (2019)

Topology of Products Similarity Network for Market Forecasting

with Jingfang Fan, Keren Cohen, Louis Shekhtman, Jun Meng,Yoram Louzoun and Shlomo Havlin

Applied Network Science (2019)

Data and Programs

Geo-coded Chinese Bank Branches, 1948-2016

A Minimalist Backtesting Program for Event-driven Strategies


Hong Kong Baptist University

(1) Fintech, Postgraduate Selective

(2) Financial Technology for Banking and Finance, Undergraduate Selective

Lingnan University

(3) The Economics of the Digital Economy, Undergraduate Selective

(4) Introduction to Statistics and Econometrics, Undergraduate Core

(5) Financial Economics, Undergraduate Selective

(6) Financial Econometrics, Postgraduate Core

(7) Quantitative Methods for Finance and Economics, Postgraduate Core

(8) Postgraduate Seminars Statistical analysis in Social Sciences, PhD Core